Latest Bollywood News - Celebrities excited over IIFA 2014

Kareena Kapoor
According to the latest Bollywood news, entire film industry is excited about its upcoming Indian Film Academy IIFA awards, to be held in the US. This is going to be the 15th IIFA awards for which almost all Bollywood celebrities are excited about. The interesting thing about the awards this time is that most celebrities of Indian Cinema feel that this is going to be the right platform that can bring Bollywood and Hollywood together. This might result Indian Cinema to be placed among the global level and can bring more recognition to our hard working actors. Now, the audiences will have an option to watch their best movies of all time.

Kareena, who was addressing a press conference in the US about the IIFA awards, said that this can bring a right platform which the Indian cinema have been looking for so many years. This will prove the greatness of Bollywood in other countries as well. She further said that she  had not been to Tampa Bay before, and this will definitely bring a chance to entertain her fans out there. She was accompanied by her husband Saif Ali Khan.

At this point of time, Saif reported to the media saying that entire film industry (Bollywood or Hollywood) gets a chance to meet with the audiences globally with these kind of events taking place at an international level. This way, audience get a chance to witness the culture and art of Indian Cinema.

Among others, well known face, Anil Kapoor was also present among the guest lists. He said that these awards (IIFA) is going to play a crucial role and will create a merger between two great Bollywood and Hollywood together.

Among the other well known faces of Indian Cinema, Maduri Dixit, AnilKapoor, Bipasha Basu and music director Pritam were present. The US Council of General, Peter Haas was also there to show his support to the 15th IIFA awards ceremony function to be held in Tampa, Florida

Please note that IIFA will be held between April 23 to 26.

Addressing to the press conference, Peter said that he is also feeling excited about the fact that the whole event is going to be held here in Tampa. This will get an opportunity for all Bollywood fans across the US to watch their famous Bollywood celebrities performing live. 

Shahid Kapoor Hosting IIFA Awards 2014 by TheBollywoodShow

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