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Latest Bollywood Movies 2013-2014

Sunny Leone
                                 Sunny Leone featuring in Ragini MMS 2

You have been watching Bollywood movies online throughout the year. Each year, a plethora of movies are released making people to go curious about them. In this latest Bollywood news section, we present the lives of your favourite cine stars and of course, what is happening in and around them. I mean, this way, people would also get a fair chance to know more about their personal lives.

At times it's difficult to gauge a particular movie in terms of its performance at the Box Office. And also knowing the exact review about the movie and then describing the work of its star cast and so on. Surprisingly, some people just enjoy watching new movies every time without knowing its standards or ratings.

People frequently visit cinema halls or theatres to watch new movies released, but they are not aware about its story-line. Most of them go to theatres after watching the promo of a movie. But at least, a good promo certainly helps to pull thousands of viewers into cinema halls. Now a day, people have the choice to watch movies online. They're going smarter to gauge and rank a particular movie.

In this new era, where Bollywood and Hollywood are coming together, we can observe a new change in the taste of audiences. I mean people are now developing entirely different tastes in terms of the quality and standards of such movies. They want our movies to compete with the standards of Hollywood.

It's not like that our movies are not recognised or being adored at international levels, but still, a large number of audiences want Bollywood movies to be screened as per the international standards so that they could have a mixed blend of all the drama, fun and emotion. Only those movies register a hit at the box office, that are made in respect of the general view of audiences. It's only the audiences, that make a movie hit or flop at the time of box office release.

Now, by continuing the trends of the latest Bollywood movies online, we have collected a list of some of the Hindi films that were have also become the latest Bollywood news in the past. This comprises a list of new movies released between 2013-2014. You may find some of the movies in the list as your favourite. 

Movies Review                                       Release Date                                       Performance 

Ragini MMS 2

Ragini MMS 2                                         March 21, 2014                              

Aankhon Dekhi

Aankhon Dekhi                                      March 21, 2014                                  


Gang of Ghosts                                      March 21, 2014                                               

Lakshmi                                                  March 21, 2014                                    

Bollywood movies online

Bewakoofyiaan  (flop)                               March 14, 2014    


Queen (Hit)                                                March 07, 2014                      


Total Siyappa (flop)                                      March 07, 2014                  


Shadi Ke Side Effects (flop)                         February 28, 2014      


Highway (flop)                                          February 21, 2014            

Darr @Mall

Darr (flop)                                              Feburary 21, 2014    


Gunday (semi hit)                                                Feburary 14, 2014    

Hasee to Phasee (Average)                            February 07, 2014                


Heartless (flop)                                                 February 07, 2014    

Jai Ho

Jai Ho (Average)                                             January 24,, 2014                      


Kar Le Pyaar Kar Le (flop)                           January 17, 2014                    


Miss Lovely (flop)                                          January 17, 2014                        

Dedh Ishqiya

Dedh Ishqiya (flop)                                  January 10, 2014                              


Yaariyan (Average)                                   January 10, 2014               


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