Sunday, 27 April 2014

Kangna Ranaut Featured in Fashion Pages

Kangana Ranaut

We are back yet again to share you the latest Bollywood news. Noted film actress Kangna Ranaut was recently in news after the success she registered in her last film Queen. She has been performing quite well in Bollywood for last sometime and was even nominated a few times for a number of awards including IIFA. Although, she was disappointed a bit after Rajjo didn't perform well at the Box Office and sinks down. So, after showing her presence for quite a long time now, she knows how to surprise her audiences not only by showing her acting skills, but also doing some mind blowing things.

In her latest, Kangana plays the role of Alka Singh in her new movie Revolver Rani. Sai Kabir directed the movie and she is seen praising him after he gave her the lead role in the film. According to latest Bollywood news and buzz, the lady siren loved every bit of her role, seen dripping with menace.

Now, as per the latest Bollywood news, Kangana is quite busy with her latest film Revolver Rani. Still she gives her views about actors who always like to get meaty roles along with a strong script. Only then, an actor can think of performing well in a film. She is busy with her hectic schedules and travelling every where. She was seen promoting her small budget film Revolver Rani.

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana, according to the latest Bollywood news, thinks that all the aspiring new actors like to get featured in a film to show their talent. If an actor believes in himself, he loves to get a challenging role. But, for that, you need to convince the director of the film.But as far as she is concerned, she is satisfied with the kind of roles she was offered. Kangana was seen discussing a lot about her latest film Revolver Rani. Though it's a small budget film, yet the kind of character she plays in no easy. The character she plays is such that it makes the lasting effect on audiences. She further says that not everyone would have agreed to do a character like she had performed in the movie.

The story line of Revolver Rani is all about a girl, Alka Singh who is shown as a criminal since childhood. She is unemotional who also kills her husband as well. She knows well in advance that the film is capable enough to amuse the audience.

The entire film and showbiz industry is all about amusement. After all, People go to theaters or cinema halls and watch films to get entertained. If we talk about the latest Bollywood news and divert our attention to a recently released movie Queen, then it's needless to say that it created ripples across the film industry. The movie was successful in making people amused.The film also made considering its simplicity in mind.

Now, let me tell you a few facts about the film Queen. First of all the film was scripted well by focusing and projecting her as a simple girl who is playing myriad of characters at a time. Guys, doing this is not a joke. I mean it's tough to play a myriad of roles at a time with so much of passion and thrill.

Kangana feels that it was one of the strongest characters she played in the film. Like any other successful star, she too has a few ups and downs in her career which is quite usual in a person's life.As we all know that Kangana has been a promising actor with a bundle of talent. Despite that Bollywood failed to take her seriously. She proved her mettle several times. Now, at this stage everybody in the industry is well aware of Kangana's ability.

Now, I would like to tell you the other side of the versatile actress. She is also known as the queen of hearts. This is because of her presence in the fashion world. Although, She doesn't want to be called as a fashion icon, but at the same time she loves doing fashion pages lately.

As per the latest Bollywood news, the actress says that she doesn't like to keep the fashion tag with her. She would instead is happy being recognized as an actor. 


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