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"The Quiet Ones" - Psychological Spooky Tale Picked Up by Lionsgate

The Quiet Ones

The Quiet Ones is a Hollywood thriller based on supernatural power. It’s a kind of psychological and spooky creation from Hammer Productions. The writer and director of the movie is John Pogue.  

The movie is already snagged by Lionsgate and is currently running in theaters. The film was released on April 25, 2014, and stars Sam Claflin and Jared Haris. It’s produced by Simon Oakes, Tobin Armbrust, James Gay-Rees, Ben Holden and James Gay-Rees. 

The Director of the movie, John Pague has already proved his mastery of the genre in this scary and terrifying tale. He was once inspired by some actual events happening outside an estate in London. This gave him enough courage to create the whole affair in front of audiences. The movie has the duration of 97 minutes.

As you guys know that Lionsgate is known to show original, unique and creative horror movies to audiences, it's literally an original piece of work created by some knowledgeable people all around who want to present their best. They, in fact, want to present their creative and original creation to the general public. That’s the reason the film was snagged by Lions-gate. It's a good thriller movie to watch.

The Quiet Ones

The movie is actually inspired by some true events taking place all around. It shows the story of an unorthodox professor who acts like a mischief. He indulges himself to some dangerous piece of work by experimenting wrongful methods. He uses some controversial strategies in his experiments and tries to create a poltergeist using negative human energy.

The film is not based on the existence of ghosts, but on human perceptions. It shows how the Professor Coupland along with a team of his collaborators tries to experiment on a girl named Jane Harper. She's quite young and dominating girl harboring some miserable and unspeakable secrets. They all are busy to uncover the dark forces lying underneath. The professor tries to console his students to leave behind everything else and help him in one of his latest parapsychology experiment.

The Quiet Ones

Those who get scared easily, the movie is going to prove quite a spooky tale for them, giving uninterrupted shocks. However, if you don’t get scared easily, it might prove full of schlock. It has some unmatched piece of gory violence and sexually explicit material in store. So, it’s better to watch it and decide yourself.
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