Sunday, 6 July 2014

Transformers: Age Of Extinction Does Well At Box Office

As you guys know that Transformers: Age of Extinction is directed by Michael Bay, it seems that he is back with a bang to bludgeon us with yet another series of the Transformers. The film is speculated to have a budget of almost $20m, still, it’s widely sensed to be a bit clunky affair. The movie is reported to be released in British cinemas last Thursday. Till now, it earned a whopping $100m at the Box Office.

Transformers: Age Of Extinction

Bay is known to be among US cinema’s best choreographers, focusing majorly on car crashes, huge gunfights, long chases, etc. The film is no doubt, a long tale with a duration of 165 minutes, close to three hours.  Well, I’m sure you won’t mind enjoying the whole saga, once you enter the theaters. 

Apart from that, you may also notice a meaningless mayhem all around the movie. Bay is known to show all the wild things in a stretch. You may notice huge auto bots trying to temple everything before them in every series of Age of Extinction.

As the movie continues to foster the excitement, you may soon realize it doesn’t come to an end, even after everything vanishes. The movie is of almost three hours duration, but still a bit hard to know the reason why they made it so lengthy. 

It may be because whenever the story comes to stall, the director again throws something new to make it start from the beginning. For example, a sports car is speeding and turning to a huge and furious robot. So, we can say that the story continues like that and takes around three hours of time without being shown much.

The visual effects shown are quite amazing. This is one area where the movie scores points and sets a place in people’s hearts. Most of the scenes comprise mind blowing effects including the slow motion explosion, which is shown in a really nice way. 

But still, Bay didn’t do full justice with dialogues, screenplay, effects, as they limp along with that of the spectacle. This is where he needs to concentrate upon as the overall effect that comes out is not the one audience was expecting.

Do you know some part of the movie also shot in China? Well, it's quite obvious that the place happens to be a huge market and that's why you may come across with a number of Chinese products being displayed. Now, it's to be seen if it works well for the film or not.

Transformers: Age Of Extinction
As a part of the film also shot at Paris and Texas, Cade Yeager (Wahlberg), is seen to invent something really big of his lifetime. 

Till now, he fails to impress anyone with his inventions. So, he wants to achieve something big out of it so that nobody would have ever seen like before. He's also shown to be a widowed father who is a kind of super protective person by nature.

Now, you should be ready to watch all the dangerous and spooky stuff from here. Huge battling forces are seen along with humans and robots. Also, watch things tend to crash into each other with big explosion all around. It shows how a Transformer becomes a dinosaur. Some feel how it is possible to show all kinds of things within no time.

At one point of time, it seems okay with all the mighty stuff going on, but don’t you think it’s too hard for anyone to watch all this for too long until something goes on in a nice way to take your heart and breathe away?

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