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Raazi Box Office Collection Day 9- The Spy Thriller Continues to Roar by Collecting Rs 68.88 Crore

Raazi box office collection day 9- After the end of day 9, it can be ascertained that there is no other film (at least for now) that could even pose a challenge for this spy thriller- Raazi.

Raazi box office collection day 9
Raazi box office collection day 9

The film is doing a tremendous business for now and continues to excel as it has collected a whopping Rs 68.88 crore at the Indian box office. The film is performing not only as per the expectations but now it seems to have been moving forward beyond imagination.

It's a matter of triumph both for the makers and the audience that Raazi is really getting a great response from everywhere. Ever since the film was released on May 11, it was expected to perform marvelously.

Before the film was released, everybody looked optimistic about its performance Even then, it was a general consensus that it would do well. Even most film critics were of opinion that the newly released spy thriller will perform well. But now, after the end of day 9, it continues to show an upward trend at the box office and looks like completely unstoppable.

Well, one thing that is really going in the favor of the film is none other than word of mouth. At this time, everybody knows that the movie not only has a great story-line but is also loaded with some heart wrenching acting skills. 

Alia Bhatt is acting opposite Vicky Kaushal, who is already an established player in the world of Bollywood. Other than that, the film has been produced by none other than Karan Johar.

Raazi box office collection day 9

Now, coming back to Raazi box office collection day 9 that already shows a sold upward trend has been praised by millions- As we discussed in our last post that Raazi might have to pay a little price (in terms of collections), especially when it’s being screened at a time when Avengers Infinity War is creating ripples across the domestic as well as international box office, it now looks nothing like that.

This film has its own pros and cons and the audience likes a film as per its merits.

Raazi box office collection day 9- Vicky Kaushal and Alia Bhatt Film has the ability to overpower any other great Hollywood flick 

There are a plenty of good merits that is going in favor of the film and we can't deny the fact that people really like the concept. Raazi seems steady at a time when Deadpool 2 is about to make a mark in the coming time.

Raazi box office collection day 9 not only indicates a clear upward trend by capturing the domestic box office but is also expected to make Rs 100 crore mark at the box office in the near future.

By looking at the film’s collection until now, it is not such a huge amount either. But we have to consider the fact that the spy thriller was only inclined to release at the limited multiplexes only. And this is how we all need to take a stance.

While reviewing the upward trend of the film, and also considering the facts that IPL series is still alive and Hollywood flick Deadpool 2 is also about to release on May 18, Raazi is going steady like a rock.
Well, everything is going on a perfect note and the credit goes to everyone who happens to be a part of the film directly or indirectly. Raazi is a perfect example of what audience likes.

Raazi box office collection day 9

Alia Bhaat starrer film is carrying everything that people love to watch on screen and includes a perfect niche, awesome direction, great screen play, and promotion.

Raazi can be categorized to be a film that has the capacity to steal the show.

The way this spy thriller is currently performing at the box office, there is no doubt that the film will soon touch the Rs 100 crore mark. But as far as the film trade is concerned, we feel that this Meghna Gulzar film may somewhere collect between Rs 80-100 crore.

Please do share your views and predictions of the future performance of Raazi at the box office in the comments section given below.


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