Zero Box Office Collection Day 8- Anand L Rai's Epic Love Saga Collects Rs 1 Crore

Zero Box Office Collection Day 8- Anand L Rai's Epic Love Saga Collects Rs 1 Crore

Zero box office collection day 8- Before we update you with Zero box office collection day 8, please take a look how the film has been doing ever since it was released on December 21, 2018 along with KGF (Kannada film).

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At this time, it seems that the entire team of Zero is busy making the film's promotion as much as they can. Zero is a multi starrer film that includes Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma.

As per the Bollywood news pouring in directly from the box office, it clearly looks like Zero has opened up a bit but still need to make a lot in order to get some great box office collection.

As per Zero box office collection day 8, the SRK film was opened to a modest Rs 19.35 crore. And after the end of day 8, it is being reported that it managed to attain a figure of Rs 1 crore.

Well, it seems that Zero is making a small progress but still lags behind if compared to the box office collection of Kannada movie KGF (released at the same time along with Zero).

Now, if you take a look at the overall collection of Zero, it somewhere falls to Rs 85 crore. By looking at the overall performance of Shahrukh Khan starrer Zero, the film continues to stay behind in terms of the box office collection.

Now, you might be wondering why Zero is not able gear up at this time. Well, there are so many reasons that are going against the movie at present. 

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One of the big reasons is that Zero is not being much appreciated by the audience. Most of them have complaints regarding the film's script (story). The movie goers have to say that they do not find the story much relevant as it was projected earlier.

Taking into consideration of some of the views of film critics, most of them have given this film a star rating of 2.5 out of 5. Well, this is quite bad for a film of Shahrukh Khan who is known to be a megastar for the last few decades now.

By analyzing the overall story, it seems that Zero won't be able to make it big as it was expected by the makers initially. The box office collection of the film is not encouraging even at the end of day 8, still, the makers are trying hard to reach to as many people as they can. 

This is again a great promotion strategy of the makers that might reflect a sort of change in the current downfall of the film at the box office.

Latest Bollywood News- Zero Box Office Collection Dips on Day 8

Take a look at the story of Zero that basically revolves around a vertically challenged person named Bauua Singh. The character is being played by SRK himself.  Bauuua Singh suddenly falls in love with a scientist who is suffering from the cerebral Palsy for the last some time.

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Now, as per the Zero movie plot, Bauua Sungh not only falls in love with Aafia but also with someone who is suffering from a cerebral Palsy. 

As per the latest Bollywood news, Bauua Singh again falls in love with Katrina Kaif who is shown to be playing the role of a superstar (Babita).

At this time, the love story starts turning its own shape and stars growing into different locations. Well, this is the time when movie goers didn't like the overall concept of the film. At this time, the story takes its own course and starts moving into different locations.

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As per the latest Bollywood news, Shahrukh Khan latest movie Zero also has some guest appearances of Salman Khan, Alia Bhatt, late Sridevi, Remo Dsouza, Juhi Chawala, Arjun Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Rani Mukerji.

Along with the lead star cast, Zero also stars some other actors that include Bijendra Kala, Abhay Deol, Zeeshan Ayyub and more.

On the other hand, KGF continues to win the audience's hearts by registering a box office collection of Rs 1.25 crore on the 8th day. Well, the figures continue to motivate the makers as far as KGF box office collection is concerned. Now, we all have to see how much competition Simmba gives to both KGF and Zero, as this Ranveer Singh starrer was released on this Friday (December 28, 2018).

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