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Saturday, 12 January 2019

Upcoming Bollywood Movies 2019 | Bollywood Films Waiting for Release This Week

Upcoming Bollywood Movies 2019 | Bollywood Films Waiting for Release This Week

Upcoming Bollywood Movies- We have already entered into 2019 where a plethora of upcoming Bollywood movies are waiting for release. Before discussing about upcoming Bollywood movies slated for release in 2019, let's take a look how the movies released in 2018 performed at the box office.

upcoming Bollywood movies
Upcoming Bollywood movies | Rangeela Raja

Well, there are so many Bollywood films released each year. And it would not be an easy task to scrutinize every single movie released in the last year. But still, we can at least analyze a few Bollywood flicks that attracted lots of attention.

For the time being, we can at  lest discuss the movies released at the box office in the year 2018 that gained popularity charts. For example, if you take a look at one of the movies Baahubali, it not only became successful at the domestic box office but also at the international box office as well. 

There is not just a single Bollywood movie that became the center of attraction but a number of others that performed well at the box office. What is more important at this stage is to discuss what the people liked to watch in 2018 rather than how the movies performed last year.

This is because it all depends on the taste of the audience. For example, if a particular Bollywood movie is devoid of any kind of entertainment, then you should simply forget about its performance at the box office.

The audience always remains crazy to for the list of upcoming Bollywood movies of their favorite celebrity. But it sometimes not becomes possible to present or enlist all the upcoming Bollywood movies in the same stretch. Therefore, it is very necessary to at least analyze the kind of upcoming Bollywood movies first before you finally decide to go for the theaters.

Upcoming Bollywood Movies in 2019

In this section, we would like to discuss some of the upcoming Bollywood movies that are slated for release in the time to come. Most of these upcoming Bollywood movies are based on different themes and plots.

upcoming Bollywood movies
upcoming Bollywood movies | Cheat India

Now, take a look at some of the upcoming Bollywood movies in 2019 that are waiting for their release:

Why Cheat India (Jan 18)
Woh Jo Tha Ek Massiah Maulana Azad (Jan 18)
Rangeela Raja (Jan 18)
The Fakir of Venice (Jan 18)
Bombairiya (Jan 18)
Fraud Saiyaan (Jan 18)

Now, as you see, all these latest Bollywood movies are to be released on January 18, 2019 and you need to wait a week more to watch them.

All these upcoming Bollywood movies that are enlisted above belong to different genres and represent different movie plot. For example, if you take a look at one of the upcoming Bollywood movies Cheat India', scheduled for a release on January 18, 2019.

Why Cheat India is one of the upcoming Bollywood movies which is known to be a comedy drama movie both directed and written by none other than Soumik Sen. 

The lead cast in the film is going to be Emraan Hashmi along with Shreya Dhanwanthary. The first official poster of this movie has already been released on August 28, 2018.

 For more upcoming Bollywood movies, stay tuned!

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Latest Bollywood News- Shraddha Kapoor Film Saaho All Set to Release Next Year

Latest Bollywood News: Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor Upcoming Film Saaho Release Date Announced

We continue to enlighten our readers with all the latest happening in the biz world. This is the time when most of you might be busy with Christmas celebrations, or sharing some lucrative merry Christmas images to your loved ones, there is yet news that just came on to the surface for the movie fans. 

latest Bollywood news

As per the latest Bollywood news, Shraddha Kapoor along with Prabhas will be seen together in their new movie Saahao.

Well, this is quite exciting for the fans of movie lovers, especially for those who loved watching Baahubali 2. After the release of Baahubali, the demand of Prabhas who comes from South Indian cinema triggered. And due to this, the makers decided to cast him in a few upcoming Bollywood movies.

Movie Name:                           Saaho
Genre:                                      Drama, Action
Release Date:                          August 15, 2019
Directed By:                            Sujeet
Produced By:                    UV Creations, Dharma Productions
Casts:                                    Shraddha KapoorPrabhas

For now, Prabhas is going to feature with Shraddha Kapoor in their next movie Saaho. As per the latest Bollywood news and gossip, fans are reported to have been waiting for the film to get release. This is because they wanted to see their stars on the big screen after their marvelous work in the Baahubali movie. 

upcoming Bollywood movies

Today, the release date of Saaho is announced which is going to be August 15, 2019. We know that there are millions of fans of both Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor. And now, their endless wait has been over after trade expert Taran Adarsh revealed the release date of Saaho in one of his tweets.

Saaho to Clash with Akshay Kumar Film Set to Release Next Year

In another tweet, Taran Adarsh wrote that Saaho is going to clash with a few films on the occasion of Independence Day, next year. It will be Akshay Kumar movie Mission Mnagal, along with John Abraham upcoming movie Batla House.

Well, this is not something unusual which is going to happen in the biz world. In fact, every time, a movie is scheduled on popular dates; it usually gets clashed with some other films down the line. Now, as per the current situation, as many as 2 movies are going to clash with Saaho, the makers have to adjust the release date of the movie in the time to come.

upcoming Bollywood movie Saaho

Well, at this time, we are giving you latest Bollywood news and updates of one of the high octane film Saaho, let's throw some light on it now. The upcoming Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor film Saaho already made a mark in August, 2018. As we just said, it is going to be a high octane movie which is full of action and drama.

The major part of the shooting of Saaho has already been completed across, Dubai, Mumbai, Romania, Abu Dhabi along with a few places of Europe. You won't believe that the major part of all the action sequences that has been featured in Saahao is real.

Action Sequels of Saaho Shooting Already Been Completed

The first look of Saaho has already been released last year itself on the birthday of Baahubali superstar Prabahs. The poster of Saaho reflects Prabhas featuring in an overcoat. He is seen walking silently on a quite smoggy street with a plenty of high rise building seen in the backdrop.

Saaho movie poster

Well, the film has so much to reveal. But at this time, only the release dates have been finalized. After knowing the release dates of Saaho, fans must have been getting a sigh of relief that they at least announced the release date of Saaho. 

And they will again going to see their favorite star in yet another blockbuster movie to be released soon.

At this time, we would like to like you know something more about Saaho. The film is going to be directed by none other than Sujeeth and has been produced by Vansi.

Saaho Movie Highlights

The upcoming film will also feature some other well known stars including Mandira Bedi and Neil Nitin Mukesh who will feature in the film doing negative roles. The movie will be released in a plethora of languages that include Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.

Saaho happens to be the first ever movie after Baahubali 2 that was directed by S S Rajamouli. The upcoming film also marks the debut of Shraddha Kapoor in the South Indian movie industry.