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Monday, 21 May 2018

Raazi Box Office Collection Day 9- The Spy Thriller Continues to Roar by Collecting Rs 68.88 Crore

Raazi box office collection day 9- After the end of day 9, it can be ascertained that there is no other film (at least for now) that could even pose a challenge for this spy thriller- Raazi.

Raazi box office collection day 9
Raazi box office collection day 9

The film is doing a tremendous business for now and continues to excel as it has collected a whopping Rs 68.88 crore at the Indian box office. The film is performing not only as per the expectations but now it seems to have been moving forward beyond imagination.

It's a matter of triumph both for the makers and the audience that Raazi is really getting a great response from everywhere. Ever since the film was released on May 11, it was expected to perform marvelously.

Before the film was released, everybody looked optimistic about its performance Even then, it was a general consensus that it would do well. Even most film critics were of opinion that the newly released spy thriller will perform well. But now, after the end of day 9, it continues to show an upward trend at the box office and looks like completely unstoppable.

Well, one thing that is really going in the favor of the film is none other than word of mouth. At this time, everybody knows that the movie not only has a great story-line but is also loaded with some heart wrenching acting skills. 

Alia Bhatt is acting opposite Vicky Kaushal, who is already an established player in the world of Bollywood. Other than that, the film has been produced by none other than Karan Johar.

Raazi box office collection day 9

Now, coming back to Raazi box office collection day 9 that already shows a sold upward trend has been praised by millions- As we discussed in our last post that Raazi might have to pay a little price (in terms of collections), especially when it’s being screened at a time when Avengers Infinity War is creating ripples across the domestic as well as international box office, it now looks nothing like that.

This film has its own pros and cons and the audience likes a film as per its merits.

Raazi box office collection day 9- Vicky Kaushal and Alia Bhatt Film has the ability to overpower any other great Hollywood flick 

There are a plenty of good merits that is going in favor of the film and we can't deny the fact that people really like the concept. Raazi seems steady at a time when Deadpool 2 is about to make a mark in the coming time.

Raazi box office collection day 9 not only indicates a clear upward trend by capturing the domestic box office but is also expected to make Rs 100 crore mark at the box office in the near future.

By looking at the film’s collection until now, it is not such a huge amount either. But we have to consider the fact that the spy thriller was only inclined to release at the limited multiplexes only. And this is how we all need to take a stance.

While reviewing the upward trend of the film, and also considering the facts that IPL series is still alive and Hollywood flick Deadpool 2 is also about to release on May 18, Raazi is going steady like a rock.
Well, everything is going on a perfect note and the credit goes to everyone who happens to be a part of the film directly or indirectly. Raazi is a perfect example of what audience likes.

Raazi box office collection day 9

Alia Bhaat starrer film is carrying everything that people love to watch on screen and includes a perfect niche, awesome direction, great screen play, and promotion.

Raazi can be categorized to be a film that has the capacity to steal the show.

The way this spy thriller is currently performing at the box office, there is no doubt that the film will soon touch the Rs 100 crore mark. But as far as the film trade is concerned, we feel that this Meghna Gulzar film may somewhere collect between Rs 80-100 crore.

Please do share your views and predictions of the future performance of Raazi at the box office in the comments section given below.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Transformers: Age Of Extinction Does Well At Box Office

As you guys know that Transformers: Age of Extinction is directed by Michael Bay, it seems that he is back with a bang to bludgeon us with yet another series of the Transformers. The film is speculated to have a budget of almost $20m, still, it’s widely sensed to be a bit clunky affair. The movie is reported to be released in British cinemas last Thursday. Till now, it earned a whopping $100m at the Box Office.

Transformers: Age Of Extinction

Bay is known to be among US cinema’s best choreographers, focusing majorly on car crashes, huge gunfights, long chases, etc. The film is no doubt, a long tale with a duration of 165 minutes, close to three hours.  Well, I’m sure you won’t mind enjoying the whole saga, once you enter the theaters. 

Apart from that, you may also notice a meaningless mayhem all around the movie. Bay is known to show all the wild things in a stretch. You may notice huge auto bots trying to temple everything before them in every series of Age of Extinction.

As the movie continues to foster the excitement, you may soon realize it doesn’t come to an end, even after everything vanishes. The movie is of almost three hours duration, but still a bit hard to know the reason why they made it so lengthy. 

It may be because whenever the story comes to stall, the director again throws something new to make it start from the beginning. For example, a sports car is speeding and turning to a huge and furious robot. So, we can say that the story continues like that and takes around three hours of time without being shown much.

The visual effects shown are quite amazing. This is one area where the movie scores points and sets a place in people’s hearts. Most of the scenes comprise mind blowing effects including the slow motion explosion, which is shown in a really nice way. 

But still, Bay didn’t do full justice with dialogues, screenplay, effects, as they limp along with that of the spectacle. This is where he needs to concentrate upon as the overall effect that comes out is not the one audience was expecting.

Do you know some part of the movie also shot in China? Well, it's quite obvious that the place happens to be a huge market and that's why you may come across with a number of Chinese products being displayed. Now, it's to be seen if it works well for the film or not.

Transformers: Age Of Extinction
As a part of the film also shot at Paris and Texas, Cade Yeager (Wahlberg), is seen to invent something really big of his lifetime. 

Till now, he fails to impress anyone with his inventions. So, he wants to achieve something big out of it so that nobody would have ever seen like before. He's also shown to be a widowed father who is a kind of super protective person by nature.

Now, you should be ready to watch all the dangerous and spooky stuff from here. Huge battling forces are seen along with humans and robots. Also, watch things tend to crash into each other with big explosion all around. It shows how a Transformer becomes a dinosaur. Some feel how it is possible to show all kinds of things within no time.

At one point of time, it seems okay with all the mighty stuff going on, but don’t you think it’s too hard for anyone to watch all this for too long until something goes on in a nice way to take your heart and breathe away?

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Juicy Performance of Tom Cruise in Edge of Tommorrow

Edge of Tommorrow
As per the latest Bollywood news, Edge of tomorrow is a movie praised by many. It's a big action thriller released this summer. The movie features Tom Cruise who is seen at his best. He's playing the role of an Army Major, who is seen recruiting people and fighting against Mimics, better known as Aliens. As per the speculations, these mimics invaded the earth long back.
The movie starts with Tom Cruise, performing the role of the army Major. The senior military cop is on a mission to combat against marauders. The story takes its own course until the star finds himself into a time loop, fighting repeatedly and dying in. He survives after each time out as he is shown a savvier about his own onslaught.
It’s completely out of the box to guess how many times he is out of the so-called time loop and can be resurrected before he plans to exit the loop and at the same time, defeat the mimics. Now, do you think if he is able to tip over from the deadliest time loop? Well, you need to check this out yourself.
Edge of Tommorrow

The movie is based on a Japanese novel and directed by Doug Liman. The screenplay is done by Christopher McQuarrie, John Henry, Jez Butterworth. The movie, Edge of Tommorrow has a few dangerous time loops. Out of so many scenes, it's relentless clangor is found to be a bit assaultive.
One good thing about this movie is that the film never succumbs to any kind of pressure or temptation. It's made with utmost care and delicacy so that it shows exactly what audience wants. The movie is made with such great special effects to lure its audiences. It also shows the race to destroy all the aliens at once.    
The movie also shows some ferocious action in the first half as directed by Doug Liman. Every time Cruise goes out for battle, he already knows what is going to happen and so makes a little progress each time. Rita (Emily Brunt) is playing the character of a brave soldier who doesn't need to wear a helmet. She decides to help the poor schlub with training. 

Hope, it would be worth watching for you guys as well !

Friday, 9 May 2014

"The Quiet Ones" - Psychological Spooky Tale Picked Up by Lionsgate

The Quiet Ones

The Quiet Ones is a Hollywood thriller based on supernatural power. It’s a kind of psychological and spooky creation from Hammer Productions. The writer and director of the movie is John Pogue.  

The movie is already snagged by Lionsgate and is currently running in theaters. The film was released on April 25, 2014, and stars Sam Claflin and Jared Haris. It’s produced by Simon Oakes, Tobin Armbrust, James Gay-Rees, Ben Holden and James Gay-Rees. 

The Director of the movie, John Pague has already proved his mastery of the genre in this scary and terrifying tale. He was once inspired by some actual events happening outside an estate in London. This gave him enough courage to create the whole affair in front of audiences. The movie has the duration of 97 minutes.

As you guys know that Lionsgate is known to show original, unique and creative horror movies to audiences, it's literally an original piece of work created by some knowledgeable people all around who want to present their best. They, in fact, want to present their creative and original creation to the general public. That’s the reason the film was snagged by Lions-gate. It's a good thriller movie to watch.

The Quiet Ones

The movie is actually inspired by some true events taking place all around. It shows the story of an unorthodox professor who acts like a mischief. He indulges himself to some dangerous piece of work by experimenting wrongful methods. He uses some controversial strategies in his experiments and tries to create a poltergeist using negative human energy.

The film is not based on the existence of ghosts, but on human perceptions. It shows how the Professor Coupland along with a team of his collaborators tries to experiment on a girl named Jane Harper. She's quite young and dominating girl harboring some miserable and unspeakable secrets. They all are busy to uncover the dark forces lying underneath. The professor tries to console his students to leave behind everything else and help him in one of his latest parapsychology experiment.

The Quiet Ones

Those who get scared easily, the movie is going to prove quite a spooky tale for them, giving uninterrupted shocks. However, if you don’t get scared easily, it might prove full of schlock. It has some unmatched piece of gory violence and sexually explicit material in store. So, it’s better to watch it and decide yourself.
The Quiet Ones (2014) - Jared Harris by

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Oculus - A Mind Messing Tale of Suspense to Watch


Guys, we are back yet again with another amazing horror story that was released on April 3, 2014. The name of the movie is "Oculus" meaning around or an eye-like opening.

The movie refers to the old magical realms of fiction where mirrors are seen in doubt in relation to supernatural things. The wicked queen starts appearing in any mirror from any location as soon as the name is called five times. So is the importance of mirrors in all those magical fictions.

The mirror itself proves to be a horror thing in the movie "Oculus". Alam Russell gets new furniture but I don't think it's a smart move to allow the same antique mirror called Laser Glass to a new house, especially when you know it may prove haunted.

The movie is proving to be one of the best horror movies of all time. The film is 105 minutes long with enough scary scenes. It's directed by Mike Flanagan. The story is written by Mike Flanagan and Jeff Seidman. The star cast in the movie includes Karen Gillan, Benton Thwaites, Katee Sackhoff, James Lafferty and Rory Cochrane.

The movie is slowly proving to be one of the best horror movies, with strong script and screenplays. It's going great with an overall business of whopping 25.2 million dollars at the Box Office. It's of an hour and 45 minutes duration.

It starts after a tragedy gets stuck in the Russell family. It shows that exactly ten years ago, Tim Russell (Brenton) is arrested for killing his parents. He kills his father (Rony) after killing his mother (Katee) after he witnesses him killing his mother.

When he is arrested, he denies all the charges on him. He says that he is being fabricated with false charges. He has a belief that his parents died due to some supernatural power present due to an antique mirror at their home. After he says this, he is sent to a mental hospital. He stays there for sometime thinking all about the sequences of events.


Both the teenagers still feeling the pain due to the murders of their parents. They seem totally engrossed thinking all the course of events that led to the killing of their parents. Further, Tim gets convicted on murder charges. Finally, he is sent to prison where he stays for some time. He's released from the protective custody after spending a long time over there. He's now in his 20s and wants to lead a normal life leaving everything behind.

Now, another twist surfaces in Kaylie's mind as she still feels haunted due to that fretful night. She's convinced that her parents, in fact, killed by something else. They are not killed by her brother. She also has views similar to her brother and thinks that it's only that malevolent  supernatural force responsible for killing their parents.

This supernatural force unleashes through the laser glass which is an antique mirror placed in their home. At this point of time, Kailie finally decides to prove Tim's innocence. She starts to track down all the mystery related to the mirror. As she tracks down the mirror, she surprises to find out that similar deaths have already been taken place to the previous owners of the house.


Now, both the siblings know what the reality is but they are too late to find the truth.They start getting terrified by hallucinations. They both realize that their childhood nightmare is all set to start. Oculus is really the best horror movie of all times with juicy performances of almost all the characters. The dialogues are also great and not sparse, as seen at other times.

I'd say that the movie is scary as it messes with your brains. It proves to be a lean on the scares. It's there playing lots of tricks along with perception and bending the reality. Please find below a teasing trailer of the movie to get a glimpse of it.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Aishwarya Rai Tops the Chart Being Most Searched Woman On Google

Aishwarya Rai Bacchan

Aishwarya Rai still rules the world as she still finds her place among the top 20 beautiful and of course, successful women in the world. The glamorous actress has been the most favorite for so many and known to be a person of great substance. People not only love her acting but also admire as an individual with a great personality.

Although, she gained some weight after the birth of Aaradhya but still managed to maintain her waistline. Now she looks as glamorous as ever.

In a recent news, it's being speculated that she is pregnant yet again. As you already know that the couple is already blessed with a girl child named Aaradhya. So, it's time to be patient for some more time.

Aishwarya Rai Bacchan

Now, coming back to give you new updates here too. Aish is followed by Vidya Balan and Sonia Gandhi. Former IPS officer and social activist Kiran Bedi also register her presence among the top ten successful women. All the latest facts and figures are believed to be available on Google. The results are out according to Google search trends. Aishwarya earlier topped the chart during Jan-Feb 2014.

Aishwarya Rai Bacchan

No Entry Sequel Being Made with Sunny Leone and Eli Avram?

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone was recently in news for various reasons. According to the latest Bollywood news, the lady siren is busy with her new assignment It's being speculated in the buzz world that Sunny along with Sweedish star Elli Avram are to be considered for No Entry sequel, which is yet to be finalized.

The film has a star cast of Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor and Fardeen Khan. You may  see them in double roles. However, it's interesting to see the inclusion of ten actresses including Lara Dutta, Celina Jaitely, Bipasha Basu, Esha Deol. As the director Anees Bazmee does not want to disclose any details, still he says that he wants to include some fresh faces along with already established ones in the movie which may help to give an overall different look in the film.

Sunny Leone

The film was earlier scheduled to start in June this year, but as per the latest Bollywood news, it's been pushed further to January 2015.

We hope that she continues to amuse people with her talent as well as glamour.