Sunday, 4 May 2014

Oculus - A Mind Messing Tale of Suspense to Watch


Guys, we are back yet again with another amazing horror story that was released on April 3, 2014. The name of the movie is "Oculus" meaning around or an eye-like opening.

The movie refers to the old magical realms of fiction where mirrors are seen in doubt in relation to supernatural things. The wicked queen starts appearing in any mirror from any location as soon as the name is called five times. So is the importance of mirrors in all those magical fictions.

The mirror itself proves to be a horror thing in the movie "Oculus". Alam Russell gets new furniture but I don't think it's a smart move to allow the same antique mirror called Laser Glass to a new house, especially when you know it may prove haunted.

The movie is proving to be one of the best horror movies of all time. The film is 105 minutes long with enough scary scenes. It's directed by Mike Flanagan. The story is written by Mike Flanagan and Jeff Seidman. The star cast in the movie includes Karen Gillan, Benton Thwaites, Katee Sackhoff, James Lafferty and Rory Cochrane.

The movie is slowly proving to be one of the best horror movies, with strong script and screenplays. It's going great with an overall business of whopping 25.2 million dollars at the Box Office. It's of an hour and 45 minutes duration.

It starts after a tragedy gets stuck in the Russell family. It shows that exactly ten years ago, Tim Russell (Brenton) is arrested for killing his parents. He kills his father (Rony) after killing his mother (Katee) after he witnesses him killing his mother.

When he is arrested, he denies all the charges on him. He says that he is being fabricated with false charges. He has a belief that his parents died due to some supernatural power present due to an antique mirror at their home. After he says this, he is sent to a mental hospital. He stays there for sometime thinking all about the sequences of events.


Both the teenagers still feeling the pain due to the murders of their parents. They seem totally engrossed thinking all the course of events that led to the killing of their parents. Further, Tim gets convicted on murder charges. Finally, he is sent to prison where he stays for some time. He's released from the protective custody after spending a long time over there. He's now in his 20s and wants to lead a normal life leaving everything behind.

Now, another twist surfaces in Kaylie's mind as she still feels haunted due to that fretful night. She's convinced that her parents, in fact, killed by something else. They are not killed by her brother. She also has views similar to her brother and thinks that it's only that malevolent  supernatural force responsible for killing their parents.

This supernatural force unleashes through the laser glass which is an antique mirror placed in their home. At this point of time, Kailie finally decides to prove Tim's innocence. She starts to track down all the mystery related to the mirror. As she tracks down the mirror, she surprises to find out that similar deaths have already been taken place to the previous owners of the house.


Now, both the siblings know what the reality is but they are too late to find the truth.They start getting terrified by hallucinations. They both realize that their childhood nightmare is all set to start. Oculus is really the best horror movie of all times with juicy performances of almost all the characters. The dialogues are also great and not sparse, as seen at other times.

I'd say that the movie is scary as it messes with your brains. It proves to be a lean on the scares. It's there playing lots of tricks along with perception and bending the reality. Please find below a teasing trailer of the movie to get a glimpse of it.


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