Sunday, 8 June 2014

Juicy Performance of Tom Cruise in Edge of Tommorrow

Edge of Tommorrow
As per the latest Bollywood news, Edge of tomorrow is a movie praised by many. It's a big action thriller released this summer. The movie features Tom Cruise who is seen at his best. He's playing the role of an Army Major, who is seen recruiting people and fighting against Mimics, better known as Aliens. As per the speculations, these mimics invaded the earth long back.
The movie starts with Tom Cruise, performing the role of the army Major. The senior military cop is on a mission to combat against marauders. The story takes its own course until the star finds himself into a time loop, fighting repeatedly and dying in. He survives after each time out as he is shown a savvier about his own onslaught.
It’s completely out of the box to guess how many times he is out of the so-called time loop and can be resurrected before he plans to exit the loop and at the same time, defeat the mimics. Now, do you think if he is able to tip over from the deadliest time loop? Well, you need to check this out yourself.
Edge of Tommorrow

The movie is based on a Japanese novel and directed by Doug Liman. The screenplay is done by Christopher McQuarrie, John Henry, Jez Butterworth. The movie, Edge of Tommorrow has a few dangerous time loops. Out of so many scenes, it's relentless clangor is found to be a bit assaultive.
One good thing about this movie is that the film never succumbs to any kind of pressure or temptation. It's made with utmost care and delicacy so that it shows exactly what audience wants. The movie is made with such great special effects to lure its audiences. It also shows the race to destroy all the aliens at once.    
The movie also shows some ferocious action in the first half as directed by Doug Liman. Every time Cruise goes out for battle, he already knows what is going to happen and so makes a little progress each time. Rita (Emily Brunt) is playing the character of a brave soldier who doesn't need to wear a helmet. She decides to help the poor schlub with training. 

Hope, it would be worth watching for you guys as well !